Crka Fraszyska and Gonera are 31 years old and have been nominated for an Academy Award.  How have the children of other lesser-known stars changed?

In show business, the children of famous stars live in the shadow of their parents. Some of them decide to follow in their footsteps and develop their career on their own. What are they doing now and how do they look? Most of us know them since our youth, when they appeared alongside their famous parents on the walls.

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Daughter of Jolanta Fraszyńska and Robert Gonera

Jolanta Fraszyńska I Robert Junior For four years they formed a harmonious marriage, but their relationship did not stand the test of time and ended in divorce. The fruit of their relationship is the daughter of Nastasja Gonera. Born in 1990, now 31 years old, she decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps. However, she does not appear on screen, but she also connected her career to the world film.

Nastasja studies in the Department of Film and Television Directing at the Polish National School of Film, Television and Theater in ód. He has written and directed many scripts for himself film short films. And she announced on Facebook that she had the opportunity to receive an Oscar student for the movie “First Last Summer”, which she directed.

News in the morning. Our “first” film is in the next stage, i.e. a Student Academy Award Finalist, out of 37 finalists and 7 films in the international short fiction category! Joy and passion. it’s close. I wrote – keep your fingers crossed.

Nastasja inherited her beauty from her famous parents and grew into a very elegant woman.

Jolanta Fraszyńska and Robert Gonera's daughter, Nastasja Gonera, has a chance to win an OscarJolanta Fraszyńska and Robert Gonera’s daughter, Nastasja Gonera, has a chance to win an Oscar photo screen. Facebook / Nastasja Gonera

Daughter of Magorzata Formniac

Majorzata Formniac She has three children. The eldest, the daughter of Alexandra Godrushak, initially planned to follow in the footsteps of the famous mother. He has his acting debut behind him. Together with Małgorzata, she starred in the series “Hotel 52”, but she had a different idea. Alexandra studied psychology. She chose traumatology as her specialty. She opened her own office packed with people in need during the pandemic.

Ola has a wonderful relationship with Małgorzata Foremniak. They are very close and maintain regular contact.

Małgorzata Foremniak, Alexandra JędruszczakMałgorzata Foremniak, Alexandra Jędruszczak in a

Daughter of Boris Szyk

Boris Sisek Last year he welcomed his son Henry into the world. The actor also has a teenage daughter from a relationship with Anna Bareja. Sonia is around 17 years old. In early January, she celebrated her birthday, and on this occasion the actor decided to show his daughter on Instagram.

Borys Szyc showed off his 16-year-old daughter on InstagramBorys Szyc showed off his 16-year-old daughter on Instagram Photo Instagram / borys.szyc

The teenager is studying in high school and inherited her talent for singing from her father. In the past, Borys Szyc released his debut album “Feelin’ Good”. On Instagram, you can see the videos in which he sings.

Daughter of Odetta Moro

Odita Moro She regularly posts on Instagram photos of her son, which she lived to see from her relationship with businessman Konrad Komornicki. Leo is three years old and growing up in front of fans. The journalist is also the mother of a daughter she gave birth in 2003. Sonia Vigorska is the fruit of Odetta’s relationship with Mikai Vigorsky. Now Sonya is an adult, but her photos rarely appear in the profiles of famous parents. The journalist excluded Sonya’s birthday and sent a birthday greeting to her on Instagram. Little is known about the young woman’s private life. He is certainly still studying and will probably connect his career with journalism.

Sonia, the daughter of Odetta Moreau and Michao Vigorsky, is now of legal ageSonia, the daughter of Odetta Moreau and Michao Vigorsky, is now coming of age to come. Instagram / Odetamuro

Daughter of Cesare Bazora

Cesare Bazora He is the father of four children. With his wife Edita Bazora, they raised three children, daughters Amelia and Rita and son Anthony. The actor from a relationship with a woman named Shanita had a daughter, Anastasia, who will turn 33 this year. Cesare, after his first wife left him, raised Anastasia on his own. Older baby photos appear on Instagram from time to time. It can be seen that Anastasia has a very good relationship with her half-siblings.

Anastasia Bazora She followed in her father’s footsteps. She graduated from acting school and studied interior design in England. She starred in such series as “Na dobre i na bad” and “Barwy Szczęścia”. However, it was not with acting that she restricted her future. He works in a luxury art and culture magazine as Artistic Director.

Anastasja Bazora will turn 33 this yearAnastasja Bazora will turn 33 this year Instagram photo / edyta_pazura

Daughters of Beata Kozydrac

Beata KozydracWhen she was married to Andrzej Pietras, she had two daughters – the eldest Katarzyna and Agata. Agata was born in 1993 and is 28 years old. She linked her career with modern And he’s trying to be a designer.

Beata Kozydrac with her daughtersBeata Kozydrac with her daughters oriental news

Agata Pietras created her own clothing brand called Modlishka. In one of the interviews, she admitted that she was not attracted to show business. Instead, it was stolen from the famous mother heels From a wardrobe and since childhood she wanted to become a designer. As you can see, I managed to realize this dream.

This is how the daughter of Beata Kozydrac Agata Petras has changedThis is how the daughter of Beata Kozydrac Agata Petras has changed to come. Instagram / agatapietras

Joanna RasewiczRacewicz took an example from Glinka. In Zanzibar, the same actress did

See the resemblance to famous parents?

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