Cristiano Ronaldo hit the transfer.  And yet!  As far as I know, football

Politicians talking about football, particularly in the style of a well-informed transfer specialist, is a rarity indeed. Erdogan recently broke this pattern and decided to talk about Cristiano’s future in a meeting with the youth Ronaldo.

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Erdogan comments on Ronaldo’s transfer

During a meeting with Erzurum University students, Erdoğan was asked questions about football, World Championship and whether he prefers Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. He said that it was not appropriate to compare them, but he spoke about the Portuguese star. Believes world Cup In Qatar, he simply destroyed Ronaldo.

– They lost Ronaldo. They imposed a political ban (FIFA’s ban on political gestures for all players at the World Cup – editorial note). In addition, the introduction of a player like Ronaldo in the last 30 minutes spoiled his psyche and drained his energy.

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The Turkish president spoke about the political ban because he appreciated Ronaldo’s contribution to supporting Palestine, which is trying to repel the Israeli military incursions. “Ronaldo is the one who supports the Palestinian cause,” he said.

However, what is most surprising is Erdogan’s voice in the transfer. And he told the students that he knew that everything had already been decided in this matter, and soon the Portuguese would sign a contract with a new club, Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia.

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As far as I know, Ronaldo is going to Kingdom Saudi Arabia He said that the contract will be signed there. Victory offered the Portuguese a contract for two and a half years, according to which they received as much as half a billion euros.

Portugal was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Turkey did not qualify for the tournament, losing in the semi-finals qualifiers with the Portuguese.

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