Credit holidays in 2024. The government proposes two thresholds

According to information available on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office. Credit holidays will be extended until 2024, but the number of people entitled to use this solution will be limited.

“However, with regard to applicable regulations, it is proposed to introduce restrictions on the list of persons entitled to benefit from the suspension of loan repayments. According to the project, this right will be available to borrowers who The amount of loan capital granted was not higher than PLN 400,000” – stated on the website of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. “If the amount of the loan capital granted is higher than PLN 400,000, but Not more than 800,000 Polish zlotysit will also be possible to suspend loan repayment, but in such a situation it will only be available to the borrower in his situation The ratio of expenses related to servicing the monthly loan principal and the interest installment to the average monthly income of his family must exceed 50%.” – added.

It was also pointed out that “currently, despite the first measures taken by the Monetary Policy Council Interest rate cutsHowever, the repayment terms for these mortgage loans are still much worse than those that were in effect on the day they were granted and which, based on the forecasts available at the time, borrowers could expect in the following years. In view of the above, it has become justifiable to extend the right to suspend payment of loan installments for another year.” This was stated in the information published in the list of legislative and programmatic works of the Council of Ministers.

In September, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced this Credit holidays will be extended throughout next yearHowever, it will apply Income standard. As he noted at the time, he was working on setting an income limit for credits Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The law on crowdfunding for commercial projects and assistance to borrowers entered into force at the end of July 2022. It introduced the so-called Credit holidays, i.e. the possibility of suspending housing loan payments in Polish złoty For four months in 2022 and four months in 2023.

Credit holidays can be used by people who: They repay the mortgage loan obtained for their housing needs in Polish currency Before July 1, 2022. In its current form, there are no income standards.

According to previous statements by the government spokesman, the draft amendment will be studied by the government at its session tomorrow. Last week, Piotr Mueller said that “Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki included it in the agenda of the next government meeting.”

Isabella Leszczyna also commented on the possibility of extending the support program for borrowers.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of PO, The former Finance Minister in the PO-PSL government pointed this out The decision on this program will be in the hands of the new government.

She also added that it is possible The extension of credit holidays will depend on consumer inflation readings in November and December. “If they decline, WIBOR forecasts will likely be lower Then the premiums will fall and it may turn out that there will be no need for credit holidays.” – She said.

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