Creativity helicopter set a new record.  This is confirmed by the recording

Last April, the first flight of a helicopter took place on a planet other than Earth. Now NASA has set a new record.

Over the past year, Ingenuity has tested several variants and shown that its capabilities are more impressive than originally assumed. And the agency announced, on Friday, that the helicopter’s navigation camera captured the 25th flight path. It happened on April 8, the creativity covered a distance of 704 meters, and its speed reached 5.5 meters per second.

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As mission team leader Teddy Zanitos explains, Ingenuity’s navigation camera provided stunning footage of what it looks like to slide 10 meters above the surface of Mars at nearly 20 kilometers per hour.

The first creative flight to Mars took place in April of last year

And although the video is black and white, we can see a group of sand waves appearing more or less in the middle of the movie. Creativity flies above them. The helicopter continued its flight until it noticed a relatively flat and featureless terrain on which it was able to land. The flight lasted exactly 161.3 seconds, although the recording was sped up to only 35 seconds.

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When it comes to technical matters, creativity moves independently. To communicate with Earth, it must first communicate with the base station aboard the Mars Perseverance rover. This then transmits the data to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), a probe orbiting Mars. The MRO sends the data to NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN) satellites, which send it back to scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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