Crazy racing for the Canadian Grand Prix!  Emotions until the last turn

The race was exciting, including: rain, which caused major problems for the drivers. Five riders did not reach the finish line, including Ferrari, Monaco’s Charles Leclerc, and Spain’s Carlos Sainz Jr.

Nothing interesting happened at first, although it was raining and the track was very slippery. Pole winner Russell retained the lead, followed by Verstappen. Both drivers, like most drivers, are wearing medium tyres, hoping the rain will stop soon. But this time the weather let the world champion down, and the rain fell more and more heavily, and the track was ruled by two drivers from the Haas team, the German Nico Hulkenberg and the Dane Kevin Magnussen.

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They were the only ones in the entire group who had rain boots on their wheels and were the quickest for a few laps. Magnussen was fourth at one point, but when the track dried, the situation returned to normal. In the end, they both reached the finish line, placing eleventh and twelfth.

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