May 30, 2023


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Crazy idea for scientists: hollow an asteroid and build a city in it!

Crazy idea for scientists: hollow an asteroid and build a city in it!

With the development of space tourism, we are looking more and more boldly at the future, and plans to colonize the moon or even other planets no longer seem as bold or impossible to implement as they did a few years ago. No wonder we often see amazing projects for space bases or even private hotels – the last thing that interests us The entire city is in the shape of a huge spinning ring built inside a hollow asteroid. It’s the brainchild of University of Rochester scientists who shared their insights in a study published in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space.

The idea of ​​spinning space cities is not new, as NASA commissioned its development in 1972 Since then he has often become the hero of science fiction films or literature. Most importantly, the “O’Neill cylinders” project, that is, space objects consisting of two cylinders rotating in opposite directions, in order to create artificial gravity, already has a chance to work, but its construction will not only be very expensive, but also very difficult. This is why scientists have turned to naturally available materials in space, with the idea of ​​using asteroids for this purpose in mind.

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