Covit-19: Quebec announces outdoor test program for 20,000 people |  Corona virus

The government made the announcement on Monday through Tourism Minister Carolyn Brooks. To achieve its results, a research mandate was issued to researchers at Laval University who are responsible for developing a protocol in anticipation of this experimental event.

As part of this research, it is currently planned to hold two events, one outside and the other indoors. They will be Supervised by a rigorous scientific process recognized by the public health, We tell the government, which indicates that the shows will take place Depending on the prevailing health environment.

It is therefore not excluded that the experience will be canceled if COVID-19 progresses in Quebec in the coming weeks.

At a press conference, Minister Carolyn Brooks suggested that 20,000 people be expected to attend the event outside. Another concert will be held inside at the same time, this time bringing together 5,000 people. Concerts are free.

The events of the Quebec City Summer Festival took place in front of small crowds, and this year honored the physical distance.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Danny Pilot

At the same time, a team of 2,500 people who did not attend the concerts will be followed up to assess the inherent risk of attending a large cultural gathering.

The government did not specify on Monday which artists would perform on stage, or when. Calls for tenders for each concert will begin shortly. The budget for the entire project is expected to be $ 2 to $ 3 million.

Start the industry again

Ultimately, Ms. Brooks said the goal is to completely revamp the entertainment industry.

Scientists working on this project can gather valuable information for the government as well as public health and promoters.

This event will generate scientific data to generate informative information to keep other important events safe in an infectious environment in the future.

An excerpt from:Carolyn Brooks, Minister of Tourism

The Legal government maintains in its approach that the entertainment sector is an important economic vector for Quebec. He told himself Is committed to transforming Quebec into an approved tourist destination for its festivals and security events.

Minister Carolyn Brooks notes that Quebec is the first Canadian province to make such an effort. Elsewhere in the world, countries Like the UK, France and Spain Organized test programs to collect data.

Caroline Brooks.

Tourism Minister Carolyn Brooks

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sylvain Roy Russell

Caroline Brooks hopes that the Quebec experience will be further enhanced by the number of participants, especially since most spectators will be vaccinated when the event takes place.

Quebec also received the cooperation of the French trade union Proteus, which co-operated in the experiment. From Paris during the concert of the Indochina group.

Security first

However, there is no doubt that taking risks, mention the government and Laval University. Quebec needs to take another step to undertake large-scale events to take advantage of the resumption of tourism, in compliance with public health instructions and the compulsion to protect people.

This is why we include this test event Have to go through a scientific process. The purpose of the University of Laval Sophie de Amores Rector is not to test boundaries, but to create a safe environment for large-scale events.

Montreal, Canada - June 2018. Audiences watch a local jazz band perform on an outdoor stage in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Editorial application.

Concerts are currently conducted according to a strict health framework.

Photo: Getty Images / Kaganzain

University Laval has entrusted the task of this task to Professor Patrick Archambault of the Faculty of Medicine. Mr. Archambold is a serious emergency physician and science director of Pulsar, a data management platform.

Participants in the study were Mr. Consent forms must be filled in to use the information collected by the Archambold groups. An ethics committee must also approve the process in advance.

The national public health and the regional management of the Capitol-National will be consulted and decide on the protocol established by the researchers before the event takes place.

Who can participate?

Minister Carolyn Brooks could not say who could attend the concerts. Mr. The government should first have in hand the protocol developed by the Archambold Committee. Evidence of vaccine, age groups and other components is therefore to be determined.

The government will issue further announcements later.

Desire This historical scene, Ms. Brooks insisted, should present those events Get a closer look at what life was like before the epidemic.

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