Covit-19: Not out of the jungles of Quebec

Retired virologist Jack Lapierre said the province would not be doing well if the health measures imposed in Quebec at the end of 2021 were marked by the spread of the Covit-19 and Omicron variants.

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“For many, the epidemic is over. We’re released a lot, people were gathering everywhere. I think we had a good target for this virus, it’s very contagious,” Lapierre told LCN in an interview on Saturday.

The latter expects Quebec to pass 20,000 cases a day soon. He did not expect the infections to subside for a few weeks.

“I don’t know if there will be fewer cases next month,” he said.

Although the Omigron variant appears to be less malignant, it is highly contagious and will soon increase the pressure on the healthcare network. Lapierre is afraid.

“What happens in hospitals in the coming weeks, I think, is not going to be very pretty,” the former virologist predicted.

“I have never seen an infectious virus like this (…) in a small group, if one person is infected, it passes the whole group,” he said. – He adds.

Nevertheless, the former virologist shows some optimism about the possible outcome of the infection. According to Jaques Lapierre, the Omicron variant, by spreading easily, loses its potency.

“Once he has infected everyone there, it means that many people will be protected by vaccination or infection, and that is not the goal of continuing the spread of this virus. That is what we want,” he said.

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