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The Japanese Patent Office has published a patent for the invention of an antiviral algae half mask submitted by the professor. Hazem Kalci from the Institute of Biology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The university is aware of his work.

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According to information provided by the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, half of the reusable antiviral mask is made of algae placed in a thin layer of transparent material. When humans wear a mask, photosynthesis takes place. When the user breathes, the algae are supplied with sufficient moisture and carbon dioxide. The algae, in turn, provide oxygen for humans to breathe.

A series of experiments was performed to verify the invention. Scientists argue that the mask effectively absorbs viruses that cause upper respiratory infections such as Corona virus.

According to SGGW, the mask absorbs the virus based on the difference in electrical charge (viruses have a negative charge and algae have a positive charge). Then, as noted, the capsules or envelopes of the viral proteins break down and the now harmless interior disintegrates.

Algae is used to produce an antiviral half mask (Photo: Warsaw University of Life Sciences)
Algae is used to produce an antiviral half mask (Photo: Warsaw University of Life Sciences)

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The patent, published November 18, relates to reusable antiviral respirators for use primarily against influenza viruses. The co-author of the invention is virologist Dr. Siya Sato, President of Green’s Green Ltd. He is an employee of the University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences in Niigata (Japan).

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Currently mr. Kalaji and his partner are awaiting publication of the following patents. These include plant extracts as an ingredient in antiviral candy and antiviral mouthwash solution.


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