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Cosmos.  It seemed how much Budzyanovsky and Khalidov would earn

Cosmos. It seemed how much Budzyanovsky and Khalidov would earn

The battle of Mariusz Podzyanowski with Muhammed Khalidov is one of the greatest events in the history of Polish mixed martial arts. It is known how much warriors earn. The amount is impressive.

Ɓukasz Witczyk

Marius Budzianowski after defeating Mickey Materla

PRESS MATERIAL / KSW / Pictured: Marius Podzjanovsky after his victory over Michel Matterla

Until recently, this fight seemed impossible. However, everything has changed, and during the KSW 77 concert in December, Mariusz Pudzianowski and Mamed Khalidow will enter the octagon. This is one of the biggest events in the history of not only this organization, but also MMA on the Vistula River.

For Khalidov, it will be a return to the cage after a break of about a year. Arrachion player from Olsztyn suffers a painful knockout defeat, which was awarded to him by Roberto Soldyck. In turn, “Bodzian” ousted Michai Materla in the last skirmish.

Khalidov’s fight with Pudzianowski really made the crowd red. It turns out that both of them will get a lot of money for their performances at KSW 77. On the “Oktagon LIVE” program on the sports channel, host Maciej Turski asked one of the owners of KSW, Martin Lewandowski, about it.

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Lewandowski asserted that Torsky first asked whether the battle of Podzianovsky with Khalido cost more than two million zlotys. Then the journalist added that he could have asked for three million. – You can, you can take it simply. Lewandowski said it would be the biggest battle in the history of the Federation.

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There was no specific amount, but the words of the head of KSW show that both fighters will earn more than one million zlotys. This is one of the highest thresholds in the history of mixed martial arts in our country. The KSW 77 concert will take place on December 17 in Gliwice.

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