June 9, 2023


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corps.  Vukovic becomes the new coach.  Ivanov's comments

corps. Vukovic becomes the new coach. Ivanov’s comments

I am not surprised by Marek Gubivsky that after his defeat in Block, he “thrown the papers” and resigned from the management of the corps. Just as he was put on mine, entrusted with the role of coach until the end of the season, now he “paid” the authorities. After all, shortly after the clash, a fuse was lit, just moments before the match against Leicester in the European League, the news about Marek Babchon was released from December. Thus, he was proven not completely confident a few weeks ago.

Leszek Ojrzyński pushes himself toward Łazienkowska through doors and windows, but as you know, if someone is too intrusive in a relationship, it often has the opposite effect of the intended relationship. Dreaming of working in Legia “Ojrza”, he was even at the match in Płock and sat next to the new man at Ł3 Paweł Tomczyk, who will be the outpost of Marek Babszon, who will visit the capital from July. But there is no certainty that this will happen.

So Legia did what seemed the most reasonable. She asked for help from her coach, which she still pays for. Alexander Vuković, farewell last fall, was “fortunately” in Poland. In recent days, he visited several stadiums and accepted the invitation of the undersigned to the “Football Café” on Sunday. Although he was there, when asked if he would return to work, as he announced this in one of the interviews, he did not give an answer. A lot of bad things came up when they broke up, so many things built on trust had to be rebuilt. But then he did not know that after the defeat at Pock, “Gołąbek” would resign.

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Vukovic – despite being born in Serbia – is a “soldier”. I do not want to remember his football career and his long work in various roles in this club, because everyone knows that. Let me just remind you that when the president, Darius Miodowsky, announced that after meeting with Gornik, he had fired him, despite the fact that he had extended his contract a few months earlier, the players left the training center as a sign of protest. They were enraged by this fact and his successor was not at all welcomed with open arms. Today, the team has changed dramatically, but Artur Jędrzejczyk, Artur Boruc, Mateusz Wieteska, Luquinhas, Andre Martins, Filip Mladenović and Tomas Pekhart are the people who reacted in this way shortly after the events of September 19, 2020.

On Sunday at Café Football, Foucault – as always – was very specific in his statements. And honest. He did not curse anyone, did not accuse anyone, did not shout at the commander in the sleeve. He honestly evaluated the situation in the club, because he knows it like no one else. He knew where mistakes were made, what could have been done differently, and wondered why there weren’t more important people at the club who could possibly have prevented the crisis Legia is now going through.

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The assistant team, the resignation of Lukasz Bortnick, the inappropriate treatment of the players who won the title with him and the “care” of those who joined the team after winning the championship. Much can be written about it. However, the goal is not to open the surgeon today, but to start working.

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