Coronavirus – today’s report.  Tuesday 12 October

On Tuesday, Kiev residents demanded that the European Union temporarily suspend the vaccine’s patent

We have more than 2,000 new cases of coronavirus and the number of deaths has reached nearly 50 – this is the latest data from the Ministry of Health. A British report, whose authors looked at the course of the pandemic, said the government’s initial response to the virus crisis was a fatal mistake. The US state of Texas does not allow mandatory immunization – even for private employers.

Today’s report, i.e. a summary of the most important information on the Corona virus and the effects of the pandemic.

More than 2,000 after new infections, nearly 50 people died

  • On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health reported that we have 2,118 new confirmed cases of coronavirus.
  • The day before, 49 patients had died.
  • Because COVID-19 14 people died, while 35 died due to coexistence of COVID-19 with other diseases;
  • The number of people infected with the Corona virus since the beginning of the epidemic has reached 2,925,425 people;
  • A total of 75,918 people died.
  • There are 2,615 people in hospitals with COVID-19;
  • 239 patients were connected to ventilators.

See: New coronavirus cases. Ministry of Health data, October 12

Differentiating between covid-19 and the common cold

  • Among the seven symptoms that indicate a person has COVID-19, there are two primary ones, according to recent research;
  • These are loss of taste and disturbed sense of smell.
  • In children, the test establishes the correct diagnosis;
  • Sometimes it is completely impossible to distinguish between COVID-19 and the flu.

See: Corona virus: 7 specific symptoms. Two of them are essential in differentiating between COVID-19 and influenza

UK with pandemic report

  • British MPs published a report on the epidemic and its response;
  • They noted that the British government’s initial response was one of the worst public health errors in history;
  • They thought it cost thousands of lives.
  • As noted, scientists bear part of the blame as well;
  • They also added that it was incorrectly assumed in the early stages that British society might not accept the lockdown;
  • However, they also noted successes, in particular the successful implementation of the vaccination program.

See: Great Britain. Pandemic Report: The initial response was one of the worst mistakes

United States of America. Compensation for not having to wear masks

  • Parents of children infected with coronavirus have sued US school district authorities to lift the obligation to wear face masks in schools;
  • The respondent schools decided before the start of the school year to lift the preventive measures;
  • Both institutions did so against recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state sanitation authorities.

See: United States of America. Parents of children with coronavirus sued the school for not having to wear face masks

Texas: Vaccine Obligations Ban

  • Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has banned the state from compulsory vaccination.
  • The ban applies to any entity, including private sector employers;
  • The issue of compulsory vaccinations is causing divisions in the country;
  • Abbott said he decided to take this step in response to the “pressure” of the Joe Biden administration;
  • Earlier, the governor banned compulsory vaccinations for government employees and state and local agencies.

See: United States of America. Texas Governor Bans Mandatory Immunization Against COVID-19

Today’s video: How to distinguish Covid-19 from the common cold? Specific symptoms are key, but in the end testing is always conclusive. a. Pawe Januszewicz, medical expert at the Polsat Foundation, explains how to deal with flu or cold symptoms.

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