Corona Virus.  Spain: record fourth wave injuries.  Most since August

According to the estimates of the Ministry of Health, he contracted a disease until Thursday evening in Spain COVID-19 More than 5.18 million people in total.

As indicated by the Spanish medical services For very fast growth For every 100,000 people infected with the Corona virus. In just one day it rose by 17 points to 234.

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The Ministry determined that In all, they died in Spain from COVID-19 More than 88.1 thousand people. In the past 24 hours, 42 deaths have been confirmed.

With the intensification of the fifth wave of the Spanish epidemic There are also more and more cases of the new coronavirus. By Thursday afternoon, five Omicron infections had already been confirmed, all of which, according to medics, are mild.

Late Thursday evening, medical services in the Balearic Autonomous Community said they had likely discovered another second case of Omicron in a resident of the archipelago.

According to the regional authorities, the patient infected with the novel coronavirus is a 31-year-old man who arrived at Palma de Mallorca airport from a flight to South Africa. On the way, he stopped twice: in Ethiopia and Germany.

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