Corona Virus.  Scientists select genes that can provide resistance to COVID-19

The research is being conducted by the COVID Human Genetic Effort (HGE), which includes researchers from around the world. Whole genome data from Poland were made available for analysis by the start-up scientific MNM Diagnostics based in Poznan.

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Genes can affect resistance to the Corona virus

In the publication in Nature, the scientists note that COVID-19 has a very diverse course: from asymptomatic to life-threatening. In addition, some people may be resistant to the disease. How does a person become infected and whether he is in wink Affected by the disease, genetic factors may influence.

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Dr. Elipita Kaja of MNM Diagnostics told PAP that the article cites examples of genetic susceptibility to acute tuberculosis and COVID-19, as well as innate immunity to certain viral infections. The authors also present already known genetic variants, which are referred to as protective due to their presence Means Decreased risk of injury to a person.

For example, a variant of sickle cell anemia that protects against malaria, or a variant of HLA (major histocompatibility complex) that ameliorates HIV-1 infection, and variants in the IFNL3-4 genes protect against HCV infection

– Dr. Calculated caja.

She emphasized that the above variants do not completely protect against infection with a particular disease, but rather protect against its acute course.

Genes that can confer immunity have already been selected

The HGE Consortium has also so far collected data from 400 people who did not become ill despite prolonged exposure to SARS-CoV-2, for example living with COVID-19 patients or caring for the sick. These people who calendar PCR and serological testing performed four weeks after contact were negative. Subjects eligible for the HGE study also showed no T-lymphocyte response. More than half of these samples came from recruitment by startup MNM Diagnostics, which implemented the project Corona virus disease in Poland”.

So far, scientists have picked a few of them genesthat may contribute to the development of genetic resistance to COVID-19.

“These are, for example, genes from the ABO region, ACE2 receptors, TMPRSS2, TMEM41B, which deserve analysis in search of innate variants of resistance to COVID-19,” said Dr. Elipita Kaja.

Kaga announced her goal Research The consortium performs genetic sequencing on eligible people, then performs an in-depth analysis of patients’ genomes in order to search for variants that may have a protective effect, mitigating the course of COVID-19 disease.

More immunological and in vitro studies will eventually reveal the molecular mechanisms underlying this resistance.

Source – Science in Poland PAP.

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