Corona Virus.  Nearly half a million Poles have died.  This could be the worst year since WWII

A year ago, from January to mid-December, 438,000 people died. At the end of December, this result reached 480,000. This year it is already 475 thousand. death cases. According to various estimates, it is very likely that the death toll will exceed half a million by the end of December. Deaths at the end of the year may reach 520,000.

what are the reasons?

As the Economic Observer noted, if this happens, 2021 will be the first year since the end of World War II in which more than half a million Poles were killed.

What are the reasons for the high death rate? One of them is the epidemic. This year, the Corona virus officially caused 92,000 deaths. However, some scientists believe that this number may be underestimated, and in fact, the deaths from COVID-19 are as high as 150,000.

Another reason is the paralysis of the health care system caused by the pandemic. Many people with other illnesses did not have a chance to go to the hospital and were diagnosed too late. The third reason pointed out by the “Observer Gospodarczy” is the demographic boom since the 1950s.

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