Corona Virus.  Journalist Rzeczpospolita has left the hospital.  It's been blown away by vaccines

A disturbing entry was published in the profile of journalist Jacek Nizinkiewicz on December 11. – There are questions and I do not have the strength to answer let alone speak. I ended up in the hospital – the journalist “Rzeczpospolita” admitted. – I don’t look so well. We won’t meet soon, we’ll hear soon. It will be fine, but not tomorrow.

Many netizens, after the entry posted by Nizinkiewicz, began to suspect that the journalist had contracted COVID-19. Rumors about this were quickly interrupted by the patient himself.

– Doctors say that I was lucky to have a free bed, and the infection ward is not completely infected (1/2 occupied by antivaccinators), because at home I would not cure myself from such a severe course of smallpox and meningitis. Take care of yourself and get vaccinated! – The journalist resumed.

The Rzeczpospolita journalist’s tweet on the anti-vaccine acted like a red rag on a bull. Opponents of the vaccine have started suggesting publicly on social media, including that the journalist fell ill after being vaccinated against COVID-19.

– I received written false information about my hospital stay. Either I didn’t get vaccinated or it was a side effect of 3 doses, which I claimed deleted the entry. I received the vaccination in 2 doses and would be happy to receive 3 doses in January, as stated in a text message from the Ministry of Health. Why would someone write such stories?! – Nizinkiewicz commented.

On December 20, the journalist announced that he had left the hospital. – I was alone here for about two weeks, but I did not feel lonely – he wrote on Twitter.

The journalist in “Rzeczpospolita” is getting better

In an interview with Fakt, Nizinkiewicz said he is now back in full force at home. It is scheduled to return to work, in slow motion, early next year. – Until the end of the year, complete rest, no work, no computer, no effort, no rest – he says. – It was a dangerous situation, because to get chickenpox at this age, you have to be a little unlucky and get meningitis. The situation was not well.

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