January 17, 2022


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Corona virus in Slovakia.  Money for vaccinations for the elderly

Corona virus in Slovakia. Money for vaccinations for the elderly

The original design was that everyone vaccinated or enrolled in the vaccination system would receive it 500 EUR voucherIt can be spent on specific services, culture, or purchases.

Source of vouchers perks Former Finance Minister and Prime Minister Igor Matovic He wanted to compensate some entrepreneurs in this way Pandemic lossesBut he did not find a sufficient majority in Parliament for such a solution.

After the decisions of the ruling coalition, the deputies changed permanently the amount of financial incentive for vaccination, which will be paid in cash. The elderly are among the most vulnerable groups of citizens, and so are they Largest group among inpatients.

Slovakia has one of the lowest rates of people vaccinated against COVID-19. 45% were fully vaccinated. population. I took the third dose Less than 10 percent of them. The right to allotments approved by Parliament just under One million 300 thousand people. 200 EUR in Slovakia Two-fifths of the average pension.

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