Corona virus in Poland.  Omicron is at the forefront of infectious diseases.  Professor Christophe Berry: Infection at the level of the measles virus

Virologist from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Professor F. Christophe Berry. He called on everyone who has not yet done so to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Professor Berry noted in an interview that some studies suggest that “the course of disease caused by omicrons may be milder than in the case of deltas”, but that “the reduction is not very significant”. – We are talking about reducing the risk of hospitalization by 25-50 percent – he stressed. He also stated that “delta was more dangerous than previous variants.” Corona virusSo Omicron is not called a “runny nose”.

Professor Perry on the omicron . variable

– In the case of the permeability of this variable, there is no doubt. It is already visible in Poland, and more clearly in the countries where it has become dominant. There will be a flood of cases in Poland in the coming weeks. What values ​​will we see in the stats? He said it depends on how much we test.

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“Omicron vaccination is less protective against infection itself and against disease, but it protects well against severe Covid-19 disease and death,” he said. – In countries where vaccination rates are high, you can see that the number of infections goes up exponentially, but fortunately the number of deaths does not follow. This does not mean that people do not die from omicron contamination and do not end up in hospitals. The number of deaths and hospitalizations is increasing, but fortunately slower. Had it been otherwise, he added, we would have had a catastrophe.

Infections with omicrons. Call for vaccinations

He estimated that in the near future in Poland we will face a “massive wave of casualties”. – We have relatively few vaccinated people in Poland, even in high-risk groups. How this translates into deaths was already clear last fall. The number of infections in our country was the same or less than in some countries of Western Europe, but the number of deaths was much higher. Even in terms of size. We still have 56 percent of people who have been vaccinated, but we also have a very large convalescent group. However, in both groups some form of protection should be visible. How big is the group? Well, that’s the problem – we don’t have up-to-date data – he said.

“He keeps his fingers crossed so that there is a separation between the curve of death and the curve of infection in our country, as in other countries,” he said. – However, we must be prepared for a worse scenario, that is, a high occupancy of the health service and quarantine of a large number of people. Already, the number of people in quarantine has begun to increase. If a large proportion of Poles were sick, it could cripple social life. We warned about this already in December 2021 as part of the position of the Polish Academy of Sciences regarding the omicron. He warned that in the event of a wave of light casualties, there may be no doctors and nurses as well as soldiers, drivers and pilots.

Vaccinations against COVID-19 – the most important information

He pointed out that “there is plenty of time for vaccination at any moment.” – It is in the interest of each of us, because most likely this winter most of us will get sick. The incidence of the omicron variant is very high. In this regard, they are at the forefront of infectious diseases, along with pathogens such as the measles virus. He concluded that those who have not yet done so should get vaccinated as soon as possible, especially in those at risk.

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