March 31, 2023


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Corona Virus. After the Covid-19 pandemic, alarming statistics of excess deaths in Poland

A year and a half after the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Poland ranked second in Europe in the number of excess deaths, which is higher than the long-term average, Dzinik Gazeta Brauna reported on Monday. There are approximately 140,000 of them. Some patients died without receiving adequate help.

Alarming statistics of excess deaths in Poland. According to the “Dzenic Gazeta Brauna” website on Monday, some of them are mainly influential COVID-19. But not only – also difficulties in accessing doctors.

The data from the National Health Fund shows clearly: in 2020, one-fifth of fewer medical services were provided than in the previous non-epidemic year.

As a result, our country, along with Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, ranked among the top three countries in which the situation was the worst in terms of the number of additional deaths compared to the average recorded in previous years. Besides Poland, the top ten countries of this type mainly include post-communist countries, such as Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Romania. The “DGP” reported that the best situation is in Norway, Iceland and Denmark.

Corona virus in Poland. Over 140,000 excess deaths

Citing experts, the paper estimates that some deaths could certainly have been avoided. Some patients did not go to the doctor of their own volition, but some were not accepted for treatment.

“The numbers are clear: there are millions of patients who did not receive proper care in the past year. For example, in 2018 and 2019 Hospitals More than 9 million people have been delivered. Last year there were more than 2 million of them less “- informs” DGP “.

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The situation is similar in the case of visits to specialists. In previous years, on average, about 17.5 million people used their help – a year ago there were just over 15 million of them. Family physicians, who typically treat 28.5 million people, reduced their number by nearly two million patients last year.

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