February 3, 2023


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Corona Virus.  a.  Andrei Horban announces the fifth wave of the Corona virus

Corona Virus. a. Andrei Horban announces the fifth wave of the Corona virus

Large and dangerous epidemic waves will end next spring. So far, 60 percent have been vaccinated. Adults, and among people over 80 the rate is 81-82 percent. The rest who have not been vaccinated are already infected or will fall ill in the future. Once most of this group is hit, the next waves won’t be as big as before. Not many people will be prone to falling – the professor predicts. Andrei Horban.

– Vaccinations with the third dose are an opportunity for us to get rid of the problems of the Corona virus – the expert adds.

The PM’s advisor points out that we can achieve population resilience. If not vaccinations, then diseases. At the moment, the delta variant predominates, which requires an immunization of 90%. Society. I think it could happen at the beginning of the year. This will make the next spring wave at least four times less than this year’s – confirms Interia.

Corona virus in Poland. Latest injury data

We have 1,537 cases of coronavirus – the Ministry of Health stated in the latest announcement. One person died from COVID-19, while two people died from coexisting COVID-19 with other diseases.

The most recent cases of coronavirus infection come from the following counties: Mazowieckie (342), Lubelskie (290), Podlaskie (139), Zachodniopomorskie (117), Śląskie (83), ódzkie (70), Wielkopolskie (68), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (67). ), Podkarpackie (67), Małopolskie (63), Pomorsky (56), Dolnośląskie (47), Świętokrzyskie (34), Warmińsko-Mazurskie (24), Opolskie (22), Lubuskie (21). 27 injuries are data without specifying an address, which will be supplemented by a health inspection.

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Corona virus in Poland. How many people are in hospitals?

There are 3000 in hospitals. The Ministry of Health reported that 264 people infected with COVID-19, including 296 patients, were connected to ventilators.

The Ministry of Health reports that 8,000 cases of COVID-19 patients have been prepared. 32 beds and 829 respirators.

The ministry also said that 113,000 people are in quarantine. 597 people. The ministry also said that 2,677,000 people have recovered so far. 537 injured.

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