Corona plays with Roach in everything!

We have, we hope, a wonderful Saturday with Ekstraklasa ahead of us. Before the championship fight between Jagiellonia (playing in Gliwice) and Ulinsk (playing at home against Radomiac) begins, Corona Kielce will play a match of his life. It’s very clear and simple: the home team must defeat Roch Chorzo today. In any other case, they will lose their chance of survival and thus the excitement will end at the bottom of the table, because we will know all the relegated teams. We lead!

We’re back in the game and Trejo got a chance again. Wójtowicz lost, Podgórski scored, but in the end accuracy was lacking again.

Another chance for Roche, Baranski could have done more with his volley.

The Corona fans gave us golden blood smoke, and the match was interrupted. Fortunately, the winds appear to be strong and visibility should return to normal quickly.

He must lead the crown! Błanik sent in a measured, soft cross from a corner kick, and Kwiecień, closing the ball down, was completely unmarked. However, his shot went over the crossbar.

In response, after a good throw-in, Felix headed wide. Looks like the match is getting heated.

Corona’s first situation, Trejo caught a stray ball in front of the penalty area, but shot wide of the goal. Shortly afterwards, the home team’s midfielder caused tension in his team’s defense with a relatively simple play. It is clear that the stakes of the match are still being felt by Kelce’s team.

Referee Pawel Malik showed that he would not blow the whistle on details, as Felix and Blahnik discovered. But when someone deserves a shot, he gives it right away, which is what Vlakanova experienced. The Czech caught his opponent in the middle and received a yellow card.

Young player Bartłomiej Barański made his Ruch debut from the start, scoring at Radom after coming off the bench.

Time for formations. Kamil Kozyra has put Dominik Zatorre on the bench for the first time this season. Malicious people may say it’s too late when it’s too late.

In theory, the Roach Chorzo may be somewhat lacking in determination, as its fate is sealed. However, the matter had already been decided before the match in Radom, and yet the Blues played with ambition and effectiveness, thanks to which they achieved their third victory in a row. Therefore, the Crown should not place too much hope on the opponent’s potential weaknesses.

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