Convicted owner: She evicts a family and uses Airbnb instead

A Longueville owner who says he’s separated has been ordered to pay $7,000 to his former tenants, who now rent $600 a night for the Airbnb he evicted.

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“I felt like she was laughing at me. I found it very embarrassing to re-rent the accommodation so quickly,” says tenant Nathalie Beauregard. magazine.

She and her partner, 58-year-old François L’Allier, were forced to leave their five-room apartment in Longueuil in June 2022. Their owner Yoo Jin pretends to take over their house to move in with his accomplice.

A portrait of Yu Jin’s owner, who was convicted this month of restoring false trust.

Photo taken from Jindavina’s Instagram

“The court judges proved that the tenants were targeted by a bad faith recovery on the part of the landlord and that this bad faith recovery caused them damages,” the judge, Robin-Martial Quay, ruled in October. 5 to Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL).

“Alleged Breakup”

In this legal document, we learn that Yoo Jin broke up with his partner in 2022 and that these circumstances prevented his move.

“In this case, Homeowner 1 has not convinced the court that there are personal circumstances that prevent her from regaining the first shelter.There is July 2022. Reportedly separated from his wife at that time […] “does not constitute a serious cause of impasse,” the court maintained.

A building in Longueuil was evicted by a family and replaced by an Airbnb.  In Mortise, owner Yoo Jin ordered his tenants to pay $7,000 this month.

The building where Nathalie Beauregard and François L’Allier lived before their eviction in June 2022.

Screenshot of Google Maps

The judge also noted that Nathalie Beauregard and François L’Allier paid $925 per month for the accommodation in question. After they moved out, Yoo Jin tried to buy back their apartment for double the rent, $1,800 a month.

“It is clear to us that the landlord used the pretext of taking accommodation for himself to get the tenants to leave,” we read in the judgment. […] The only motive beyond any doubt on the part of the tenant lies in the drive to significantly increase the monthly income provided by the accommodation in question.

A building in Longueuil was evicted by a family and replaced by an Airbnb.  In Mortise, owner Yoo Jin ordered his tenants to pay $7,000 this month.

A signature established by the owner to rent the apartment from his former tenants. This would have been posted in June 2022, the same month the tenants were evicted.

Evidence submitted to TAL

Honorable Robin-Martial Quay finally Mme Ginn must pay $6,900 in restitution to Nathalie Beauregard and François L’Allier.

“They had to find new accommodation in an environment where there was a housing shortage and rental prices significantly higher than what they were paying, which caused a lot of stress, fatigue and anxiety for everyone. This is without taking into account the fact that they had to change neighborhoods and lose access to local shops,” he said. Explains.

$600 a night on Airbnb

When contacted in this regard, the owner denies any bad faith and confirms that he is considering his options.

“It’s really unfair,” says Mme Jin insists he has already provided $2,000 to cover the couple’s move in June 2022.

A building in Longueuil was evicted by a family and replaced by an Airbnb.  In Mortise, owner Yoo Jin ordered his tenants to pay $7,000 this month.

Nathalie Beauregard and François L’Allier’s former apartment is now listed on the Airbnb platform for $597 a night. The couple paid $925 a month in rent before Yoo Jin was evicted in June 2022.

Screenshot from

The magazine The former apartment of Nathalie Beauregard and François L’Allier is now available for rent on the Airbnb platform for $597 per night. The owner says he pays the agent who rents out his property on the platform, but refuses to give further details.

“It doesn’t surprise us about her,” said Beauregard, I saw the ad online. We hope to get our money back which we are still waiting for. We are still very bitter about all of this. All these procedures require a lot of time and energy.”

To read this judgment, please refer to the document below:

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