Controversial statement by Macron.  The politician defends his opinion

President Macron reiterated that the French must “fully accept” his statement, made in the daily newspaper Le Parisien for three days, in which he said he wanted “strut unvaccinated“Those who consider him ‘irresponsible’ and who are not his citizens.

Being a citizen means that you have rights and duties. These are duties in the first place (…). The President stressed that the concept of freedom that some of our compatriots are waving today, saying: “I have the freedom not to be vaccinated,” stops where the freedom of the other is restricted, and where the life of the other is threatened.

The president’s words in an interview in “Le Parisien” sparked harsh criticism from the opposition, including presidential candidates, who strongly distanced themselves from the head of state’s words. The head of the National Union described Macron, Friday, as a “fire-mania” that is dividing the nation.

At the Paris conference, the President of the European Commission emphasized that Europe needed to “discuss what freedom is now”. What is my freedom in the face of threats to the freedom of others: my family, my neighbours, my relatives, and strangers? von der Leyen wondered, noting that “Europeans should talk about freedom now.”

‘He does not deserve his position’

France introduced a health permit last year allowing people who tested negative for the coronavirus to enter restaurants, cafes and other venues. Now the government wants to turn it into “Vaccine passport”, which means that only a vaccinated person can obtain a health permit.

– I will not send (unvaccinated – liberated) to prison, I will not be force-fed. Macron said we must tell them that from January 15 you will not be able to go to restaurants, you will not be able to drink coffee, go to the theater or go to the cinema.

His statement criticized, inter alia, French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, who tweeted that “the president shouldn’t say that” and that “Macron is not worthy of his office”.

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