Consultations began about work on STH.  33 entities you can participate in

Preliminary consultations began on the construction of railway link roads an airport In Barano with different regions of Poland, the press office of the Central Communications Port reported on Friday.

As noted in the press release, the company began Initial Market Consultations (WKR) with potential contractors on Friday. Their goal – as we read – “is to dialogue with the market about, among other things, the assumptions of the planned bidding procedures for construction works, the terms and criteria for evaluating bids, the contractual provisions allowing the performance of the contract, the distribution of risks between the contracting authority and contractors, the packaging or scope of orders” .

There are plans to build 12 railway lines

By the end of 2034 Centralny Port Komunikacyjny It plans to build 12 railways, including 10 so-called spokes, leading from different regions of Poland to Warsaw and the new airport. In total, there are nearly 2,000 km of new railway lines.

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It was also noted that the company CPK It also plans to counter the Polish market’s approach to innovative solutions successfully used abroad, such as For example settlement in the open book format, the so-called target priceor a designated subcontractor or supplies of the contracting authority.

In counseling – as we read – 33 entities from the construction industry can participate. The contractors participating in the WKR will be divided into general contractors (responsible for the entire investment process) and contractors to individual industries.. It was noted that the consulting is addressed to the largest companies in the construction industry in Poland and abroad, as well as to local entities specializing in individual industries (preparatory, track, traction, railway traffic control, etc.) and to affiliated organizations. Companies from industry and construction.

The procedure for construction work for railway investments will be Another big tender for CPK. In October 2021, a procedure was announced for the design of railway “trusses” worth more than 7 billion PLN, for which 11 bidders were qualified, including from Poland, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Norway and South Korea.



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