Conflicts on the “Notepad” group.  How did Gosling and McAdams become a couple?

note“It begins in an almost fantastical way: an older man reads a diary to his wife Allie, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, to help her remember their history together. The story takes us back to the 1940s, when young Allie and Noah fall in love. Love while on vacation in Seabrook is hampered by Allie’s parents, who object to Noah’s letters, leading to his joining the army.

Allie, unaware of Noah’s feelings, agrees to marry Lon Hammond. When she accidentally learns of Noah’s renovation of the house, she returns to Seabrook to close this chapter of her life, but old feelings resurface. She decides to break off the engagement and live with Noah. Although the plot leads to a “happy ending”, in the present Allie only occasionally remembers her past, and their love turns out to be eternal and indestructible.

Today it is difficult to imagine the “Notebook” without a title Gosling and McAdamsBut in 2004 the casting issue was far from clear. Casting director Matthew Barry recalled in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “It was all down to Britney Spears and Rachel McAdams, and it was a tough decision because Britney was amazing.”. The controversial singer almost played alongside Gosling.

Men also competed for the role of Lon Hammond, including Bradley Cooper. But Barry doesn’t remember him very favorably: “Here are my notes on Bradley Cooper: Boring.”

Ryan Gosling believes his involvement was due to his humility. In an interview with GQ, he recalled that director Nick Cassavetes told him why he was hired:

“The fact that you don’t have the natural qualities of a lead actor is why I want you to be a lead actor for me.”

In an interview with VH1, Nick Cassavetes said that New Line Cinema executives were surprised by Gosling’s choice in the lead role. Initially, there were conflicts on the set between Gosling and Rachel McAdams, which were so serious that the actor wanted to replace his partner on the screen. “One day, they weren’t getting along with each other,” the director recalls. “Ryan came up to me and said, ‘Nick, come over here.’ He was doing a scene with Rachel and he said, ‘Can you get her out of here?'” He brought in another actress to read the script. with me?”. Ultimately, the actors found a common language and were a couple for several years after the premiere of the film.

The text was originally published on May 1, 2024, and due to the great popularity of the material, we have updated its content.

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