March 31, 2023


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Conflict between pro-choice and pro-life opponents in Quebec

Conflict between pro-choice and pro-life opponents in Quebec

On Sunday afternoon, two clans protested in front of Laval University Hospital Center: pro-choice and pro-life. When the pro-survivors prayed, the pro-choice cried out.

“I think this is something that will continue to be questioned, and we must mobilize to defend it today,” said one pro-government activist.

“Free choice, the right to abortion, is one of the weakest,” says another protester.

Since 1988, abortion has not been a crime in Quebec. However, since 2007 the Conservative Party has introduced seven bills aimed at restricting abortion.

“Last May was the last, so yes, it’s more relevant,” one protester said.

On Saturday, thousands of women marched in the United States against Texas law that makes almost all abortions illegal.

“What is happening in the United States may indicate potential abuse in Canada. There is inequality of access to abortion throughout Canada. Here, in the Capitol-National area, there is only one abortion hospital.”

By 2020, there were 17,285 voluntary abortions of pregnancy in Quebec.

“We condemn texts that tell many lies and claim to be pro-life. In our opinion, on the contrary, they endanger women’s lives by attacking health, safety and integrity. Women’s appearance,” explains one opponent. “When you restrict the right to abortion, fewer abortions. It is not true that there are. Women around the world will turn to other underground options.

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