March 21, 2023


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Concert "The Wall Behind the Polish Mondor".  TVP attracted foreign stars!

Concert “The Wall Behind the Polish Mondor”. TVP attracted foreign stars!

It is undeniable that the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border has stirred up great emotions for several weeks. There is a lot of talk about the crisis, as well as about the migrants trapped there. Polish celebrities have been eager to talk about it, but it hasn’t gone down well for everyone.

She was one of those people Barbara Cordage the Devilwho described border guards officers as “murderers.” She did not expect then that a huge quarrel would break out, which would put her career future into question.

He reacted quickly Jacek Korsky, who reported that there was no longer a place for her with public radio and expelled her from “M jak miłość”. It was also recently announced that there will be a dress-up concert.

It turns out that preparations for the party are in full swing! As we found out, the event will be hosted by Agata Konarska and Michał Adamczyk. Behind the scenes, they will be supported by Gosia Tomaszewska and Ida Nowakowska.

The portal “Jastrząb Post” reports that TVP has attracted foreign stars for the occasion! Among other things, the group will appear at the event No Mercy, Loona z hitem “Bailando”, Oceana, Jenny Berggren, Lou Bega, Capitan Jack i Ingrid.

There will also be Polish stars! The following will be shown on stage: Vicki Gabor, Halina Frkowiak, Troubadourzi and… Edita Gurniak!

Will you watch?

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