Composition of the new McDonald’s Big Mac sauce quality price where to buy

Due to the post-pandemic crisis, the big fast food chains are having a hard time due to high inflation and economic slowdown. The market magnate, McDonald’s, is also experiencing difficulties – in January, the chain announced a plan to lay off its American subsidiary.

“Certain initiatives will be deprioritized or stopped altogether. This will help us move faster as an organization while reducing global costs and freeing up resources to invest in growth.” – McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempzynski told employees. The reduction in the number of office workers began at the beginning of April.

McDonald’s sandwiches improved

In response to these problems, the company wants to increase sales and announce a new and improved formula for its most popular products, such as sandwiches. The buns will be toasted golden and crunchy, and the cheese should stretch a bit more. There will be more sauce in Big Mac sandwiches, and onions will be added to still-hot steaks when they’re grilled.

Tariq Hassan, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at McDonald’s USA explains that rather than introducing new things, it’s better Make it tastierThe current list.

When are the new McDonald’s sandwiches in Poland?

To announce the new version of the sandwich, McDonald’s will re-theme the “Hamburglar,” which was originally used in the 1970s and 1980s but discontinued in the early 2000s. “Hamburglar” was occasionally featured in the Sirloin Burger campaign in 2015.

The Big Mac and other menu sandwiches have already been served in an improved formula in several countries – Australia, Canada and Belgium. In the United States, the chain’s largest market in the world, the new burgers are available in California, Washington, Arizona, and several cities on the West Coast. The new sandwich will be available nationwide from 2024.

Wall Street analysts expect McDonald’s comparable sales to increase this quarter.

At the moment it is not known when the changes will reach Poland.

In 2021, McDonald’s achieved a revenue increase of 24.9% in Poland. up to PLN 1.55 billion, this spring. It has passed the level of 500 buildings, most of which operate in the franchise model. Of last year’s PLN 273 million net profit, the company transferred PLN 100 million to the head office as profit.

In our market, McDonald’s ads mainly feature celebrities – recently Bogusław Linda promoted the McCrispy burger that was introduced to the parade. Previously, the fast food menu has been announced by Ralph Kaminski, Matta, Boris Szyk and Michał Ciebroski.

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