Compensation for Cyfrowy Polsat customers.  There is a resolution by UOKiK

As determined by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, when concluding or changing the terms and conditions of agreements for Internet access Cyfrowy Polsat automatically activated one or two additional services for consumersH.

Complaints must be fully considered

company at this point Consumers were not asked for their consent to be includedAnd, in UOKiK’s opinion, it really has to obtain express consent for its activation and related fees, which are charged after the free promotion period.

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It was reported that the antivirus “Internet Protection” and the service for playing audio-visual materials on different devices “Serwis IPLA 3 z 3” were part of most promotions and consumers could not opt ​​out of them when the contract was concluded, regardless of whether they were interested in them.

as noted, They only had this opportunity after the conclusion of the contracty. “Moreover, it was the duty of consumers to stop the additional services before the end of the period free to use them, in order to avoid the related payments,” UOKiK stated.

The Chief of the Bureau imposed an obligation on Cyfrowy Polsat to fulfill the obligation he had undertaken. As mentioned, “Consumers are entitled to compensation for the first three invoices that contain active charges without their express consent additional services if they cancel them before receiving the fourth such invoice.

In addition, the company will review and take into account Complaints have been submitted so far. Cyfrowy Polsat’s commitment applies to both current and former customers. He added that Cyfrowy Polsat will inform subscribers of the decision of the President of UOKiK in individual correspondence and on the company’s website and profiles on social media (Facebook, Twitter).

Charges must be accepted by the consumer

According to the office Consumers must have a real opportunity to choose and evaluate whether they need a particular service and whether they want to bear the costs associated with its launch.

– fees in excess of the agreed main benefit, in the case of Cyfrowy Polsat, in addition to the subscription fee for the Internet access service, It must be clearly and explicitly accepted by consumers no later than the time of conclusion of the contract – explains Tomáš Krostney, President of UOKiK.

The office informed that the decision is not final and that “Cyfrowy Polsat will begin to fulfill its obligations within the time limits specified in the decision after it becomes final.”

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