Compare Bayern and Real Madrid.  He wanted to be nice, but the judgment is unequivocal PiK nona

David Alhamd He was a champion in one of the highest transfers of last summer. Austrian actor who spent the last 12 years in Bayern Munich, Go to real Madrid On the basis of free transportation. Alaba decided to move to Spain after the expiration of his contract with the German champions.

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Now, in an interview with “Kicker”, the Austrian spoke about both clubs. Both teams have great playing style. The differences are in the details. In any case, it always depends on the coach and his favourite. I’ve noticed this over the years in Bayern It is no different here. But in both clubs, the most important thing is success. My current team is so hungry for victories and ambitious, I join every game to win it. Alaba said it was the same at Bayern Munich.

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Compare Alaba to Real Bayern Munich

He added: – In Madrid, I felt a unique aura and atmosphere around Madrid from day one. You can learn about the club’s history as you walk around the resort or across town. This club is something special. Bayern Munich is one of the biggest clubs in the world and the same is true real Madrid. You see it quickly. However, here at Real Madrid everything is a little bigger, without excluding anything from Bayern Munich.

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It was in Munich that Alaba had the best time of his career. This is where the Austrian won twice Champions League He won the German championship 10 times.

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So far, Alaba has played 13 matches with Real. He scored one goal in it and made assists. After 11 matches in league Real Madrid is second in the table with 24 points behind the leaders – Real Sociedad – who played another match.

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