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Commons recognizes the right of Quebec to amend the Constitution


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Text using words similar to Section 159 of Bill 96 Filed last month Minister Simon-Joelin-Barrett received the approval of the majority of the delegates. In all, 281 elected officials voted; 2 voted against; And 36 delegates abstained.

Jodi Wilson-Rebolt, This prevented the adoption of a unanimous resolution on the matter, On May 26, again opposed the Black text. Former CBC chief candidate Derek Sloan, who sits independently Because he was kicked out of his training, Voted against.

Among the elected officials who abstained from voting, we find 22 Liberals, 11 Conservatives, 2 New Democrats and one Independent. Former Liberal MP Yasmin Ratanci.

Ten Quebec MPs wanted to vote. All are members of the Liberal Party of Canada, including Emmanuel Lambropoulos. Left the Official Languages ​​Committee The last fall to question the decline of the French language in Montreal and Quebec.

One of those abstaining from voting was Matthew Greene of Ontario. This NDP MP Threw fuel into the fire last March, Defending Amir Attar, A professor at the University of Ottawa, has repeatedly accused Quebec of racism.

Eighteen of the 337 MPs, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, did not vote. He is currently on an official trip to Europe, And former Green Party leader Elizabeth May. Commons 338 has been vacant since the retirement of Conservative Diane Finley.

Note that Conservative leader Erin O’Toole and his NDP representative Jagmeet Singh both voted in favor of the motion on Wednesday, but did not reach a consensus from their meeting. Paul Manley, the current only Green Party MP on Wednesday, also voted in favor of the Black speech.


“This chamber acknowledges that Article 45 of the 1982 Constitution gives exclusive jurisdiction over the provinces of Quebec and their respective constitutions;

The motion was voted on Wednesday Filed the day before Yves-Franசois Blanchett, leader of the Black Cubacois.

Government CAQ tabled on Bill 96 aimed at changing the French language charter Unexpected constitutional debate, The judges did not accept Quebec’s right to add to the basic law that French is the only official and common language of Quebec.

The day after the legislative document was presented to the National Assembly, Prime Minister Fran பிரான்ois Legalt Wrote to his federal representative To make him realize the need to reform Bill 101.

The main party initially agreed that it was Quebec Every right was there To unilaterally change a part of the constitution. However, next week he contradicted Minister Jolin-Barrett’s claims. This attitude does not change anything.

Justin Trudeau’s “leadership” must be tested, says Yves-Franசois Blanchett’s Black Quebecois Commons wanted to schedule a movement Thus federal representatives can express themselves by name in this matter.

Its leader now believes itThere should be less restraint or objection from the Central Government Now his movement is accomplished in the public forum.

When the Quebec National Assembly wants to advance the procedures for implementing this idea of ​​a Frenchman, to the extent that they recognize this position of the French Nation, on their part, we have a form of moral commitment from the highest Canadian authority, the Nation, He noted after the vote.

Movement Three, Block Leader Yves-Franசois Blanchett.

Photo: Canadian Press / Justin Tong

Those who voted against or voted against federally elected officials are unlikely to justify their decision on Wednesday.

However, Yves-Franசois Blanchett noted There are more liberal members from Quebec who oppose the idea of ​​a Quebec nation. It highlights the work that the Liberal Party of Canada needs to do to mobilize its forces or reveal its true face., He added.

The day before, three members had expressed their displeasure at the Black Cubacois movement.

The Liberal Anthony Housefather would have wanted to amend the resolution protecting the English-speaking minority in Quebec from the impact of Bill 96; Elizabeth May, she doubted the right of a province to change the constitution; And New Democrat Leah Kasan were concerned about the movement’s impact on the preservation of indigenous languages.

More details will follow.

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