February 4, 2023


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Comedian Dave Chappell was attacked on stage

Comedian Dave Chappell was attacked on stage

American comedian Dave Chappell was attacked on stage during a stand-up show in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, according to Business Magazine. The Hollywood Reporter.

The comedian attended the “Netflix is ​​a joke” ceremony at the Hollywood Bowl, citing video footage of the incident shared on social media when he was attacked, the review added.

These films show an unidentified person attacking a comedian before going on stage and being suppressed by security officers. Dave Chappell recently faced charges of transphobia for making fun of transgender people.

Los Angeles police have not released an immediate statement on the incident.

Netflix has been embroiled in a controversy over freedom of expression in the United States since it aired the comedian’s show last October. CloseIn it the stand-up star responds to critics by accusing him of being transphobia.

On the show, which was denounced by LGBTQ groups, he said that “gender is a fact” and that his critics were “very sensitive.” “In our country, you can shoot a black man,” said Dave Chappell, a black man himself.

In March, American comedian Chris Rock slapped actor Will Smith on stage at the Oscars.

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