Colombia.  landslide.  Buses and cars fell into the river.  dead and wounded

A landslide on a road in Pueblo Rico in northwestern Colombia’s Risaralda department has plunged several vehicles, including a bus, into a river. Colombian Interior Minister Alfonso Prada said that at least 33 people have died.

The landslide occurred Sunday between the towns of Pueblo Rico and Santa Cecilia in Risaralda province. It is located about 230 kilometers northwest of the country’s capital, Bogota. The landslide was caused by heavy rain.

The ground pushed several cars off the road into a nearby river, including a bus carrying about 30 passengers. The bus was traveling from Cali, in the Valle del Cauca province, to Condoto, in the province of Chocó.

More than 30 dead and wounded

More bodies have been found at the crash site. Colombian Interior Minister Alfonso Prada announced on Monday evening that at least 33 people had been killed. At least three children were among the victims.

Prada also said that nine people have been rescued, four of whom are in critical condition.

Rescue teams are still working, supported by heavy equipment.

Rescue after a landslideReuters

Rescue after a landslideReuters

Hundreds of people have died since the beginning of the year because of the rains

At least 216 people have died in Colombia this year and 48 are missing, according to government figures cited by Reuters.

538,000 people lost their homes.

Main image source: Reuters

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