June 7, 2023


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Colette Provenger firmly shuts down a woman who attacks her in a web

Colette Provenger firmly shuts down a woman who attacks her in a web

On Monday evening, TVA weather anchor Colette Provenger had to intervene on her Facebook page after one of her subscribers insulted her body image by commenting on one of her photos.

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It is in the comments section, which is unanimous among the audience under an amazing photo. VAT News A woman was insulted about her beauty on the pretext that the host had sought aesthetic treatment.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the woman in question accused Colette of getting botox injections and fillers to look good. So, for these reasons, according to Still Woman, it’s “easy to be beautiful” for the weatherman:

“It’s easy to look good at 62 with Botox, fillers and surgery,” said the woman.

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In the context of this free commentary, Colette Provencher defended herself thus:

“You shouldn’t waste your money on Botox, false eyelash extensions, etc. A wrinkle would be more effective,” we replied. Soon to be seen in the new reality show Get Me Out of Here!.

Many fans of the weather anchor supported him.

“Your comment is not good, don’t comment when jealousy comes and poison enters… It is better to avoid it. Peace and love in your heart. Good evening, free and useless judgement. It’s not good, who cares if she wants to feel good about herself at 62?

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Note that at the time of writing these lines, Colette Provenger’s comment has been removed.

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