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After a year of waiting, the fourth season is on December 31, 2021 “”, Whose ten chapters filled his followers with joy, pain and all sorts of emotions, and in the end they wanted to see more. How can that be, the five deliveries of the successful series are now ready, at least the recordings of all the scenes will delight its audience again.

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As you may remember, before it came ““, Netflix already confirmed that several months ago, Especially in August, which A new season He was on his way. In this way, we can continue to enjoy the continuation of the history of Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence’s dojos, with four men facing John Greece in the next All Valley U-18 Karate Championship.

Considering the shooting of the fifth season ended in December 2021, fans of the action-adventure series are wondering when it will come. To the streaming site. If you are also one of those who are eager to know the date; Coming up next, we say.

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As the enemy grew stronger, Laruso and Lawrence’s forces teamed up to defeat Greece and Silver in the fourth installment of “Cobra Coy” (Photo: Netflix).

When will the “Cobra Coy 5” come to Netflix?

With a calendar of “Cobra Guy” releases for all four seasons, we calculated the release date for the fifth installment.

Although Season 1 premiered on May 2, 2018, and Season 2 came out on April 24, 2019, it was suggested that everything would follow that limit, but there were some significant delays after the transition from YouTube to Netflix and the arrival of the COVID-19 epidemic. . Therefore, the third installment was released on January 1, 2021 and the fourth on December 31, 2021.

Taking those dates as a specific, Everything will be like that “Will be screened in December 2022, but after co-creator of the series John Hurwitz has tweeted that filming for the fifth season has already been completed in December 2021, which seems to be coming soon; May be mid-2022.

The calculations we have, though, have shown that release dates are unpredictable because Netflix is ​​likely to put the first scene of the fifth installment in December 2022, but nothing has prevented us from dreaming of its release coming. The next six months.

The fourth season of “Cobra Guy” premiered on December 31, 2021 (Photo: Netflix)

How to watch “Cobra Coy 4”?

The fourth season of “Cobra Kai” premiered on Netflix on Friday, December 31, 2021, so subscribers can watch ten episodes of the series, entitled:

  1. Let’s get started!
  2. First position.
  3. Then learn to fly.
  4. Bisboli
  5. Match point.
  6. Kicks get checkers.
  7. Landmines.
  8. The feast begins.
  9. Fall.
  10. Boom.
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