Coal for the winter.  The minister says what awaits the Poles

There were problems with coal last heating season. Minister Moscow was asked, among other things, about what the next season will look like.

-We are safe. We have plenty of coal reserves from last year for domestic use, heating plants and the power sector. We regularly receive reports from power and heating plants about stocks. There are places where this standard is exceeded by 300%. – confirmed Anna Moskwa.

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What next with coal prices?

She added that families were also examined.

– There are supplies Although, of course, it is necessary to purchase additional coalBut there is no shortage of it, it is widely available – the minister said.

When asked if there will be a lot of coal, and whether its prices will go down, Anna Mosqua replied that “it is difficult to predict because it is a free market.”

definitely We do not encourage you to wait to make decisions about purchasing coal. She added that there is no shortage of coal, and its prices have stabilized and are similar to prices in global markets.

Problems with PGE and NABE

The minister was also asked about the situation at PGE, which has ambitious plans to implement a zero emissions policy, but which the trade unions do not like.

After NABE is created, the ESA, PGE, and other companies will look different. Anna Moskowa replied: First of all, they will collect green assets and work towards green transition.

She pointed out that “the Energy Security Agency will pay attention to stable sources, especially coal.”

– This is the government’s strategy, and this is PGE’s strategy. According to the government’s plans, coal will be gradually phased out in 2049. However, if there is not enough large and small nuclear power by then, the shift away from coal will be delayed. The Minister of Climate and Environment said: We must take into account Poland’s energy security.

The end of coal in Poland Minister of Status

In her opinion, “European institutions are forcing us to set artificial dates for phasing out coal” and the government Law and Justice Party He will not “make hasty decisions.”

We always keep that in mind Moving away from coal will only happen when we secure other stable energy sources He will be 100 percent satisfied. Moscow said: “Our energy needs, this plan will be active.”

The minister added: – We keep coal-fired power units on standby – whether brown coal or hard coal – and we can call them into the system as needed.

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