Clouds on Mars.  The Curiosity spacecraft photographed fast clouds in the sky

Is there a more natural and relaxing sight like that of clouds racing across the sky? On Earth, we can witness a spectacle of clouds over our heads every day. On Mars, capturing this phenomenon is a little more difficult. But she succeeded Rover Curiosity.

We can observe two recordings of eight frames Clouds rushing over NASA’s rover. Film photos were taken on December 12, 2021 during day 3325 of the expedition Curiosity of.

The videos were recorded using the navigation camera in the rover. The first recording shows the shadows of clouds lying on the surface of Mars, and the second – the clouds flowing directly above the surface of Mars Curiosity of.

Scientists NASA I calculated the speed with which the clouds are moving and at what height. Comparing the two films managed to make a calculation.

Mars’ clouds are very high above the planet’s surface, less than 80 kilometers away. It’s very cold at this altitude, so the clouds are thought to be ice mostly containing carbon dioxide.

As it turns out to record Clouds on Mars Special imaging techniques must be used. Multiple photos were taken to create a clear, static background that was then cropped from each photo. Thanks to this method, moving elements were visible everywhere, including the clouds in question.

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