Click Loans - The Financial Ombudsman will check Quick Loan service procedures without any formalities

The financial ombudsman will deal with procedures related to the inability to cancel the so-called click credits offered on the bank account – mentioned in the advertisement. She added that consumers are concerned about online fraudsters and do not want a quick loan service without paperwork.

As indicated by the bureau, banks often assume that they know the financial situation of their customers enough to grant them a loan of a single amount, without the need to initiate creditworthiness checks and other formalities. In this way, it is called a cash loan, that is, a quick loan that a customer can get in a bank where he has an account and access to an online transaction service.

The Financial Ombudsman will check the loan in one click

According to Joanna Łagowska, Director of Banking Client Management and Capital Market at the Office of the Financial Ombudsman, although click loans are a beneficial solution for both banks and consumers, the problem arises when an unauthorized person gains access to our account.

– This often happens as a result of the actions of criminals who use a wide range of social engineering methods for this. If they get into our account, they can clean it not only from the current funds, but also, on our behalf, take out a loan and allocate its value. She noted that the fraudulent client is not only left destitute, but also with a credit obligation that can be repaid for years.

She added that therefore, customers, fearing commitments made by fraudsters, may simply want to separate such a product from the offer in the bank.

The Office reported that the Financial Ombudsman had received indications that this was not possible in every bank. Therefore, the Financial Ombudsman wants to check the procedures in force in banks operating in Poland.

It should be noted that the Financial Ombudsman has already addressed the topic of “loans per click” several times in his letters, analyzes, warnings and communications on the occasion of so-called unauthorized transactions.

However, as noted, the Office of the Financial Ombudsman continues to register an increasing number of client applications related to the conclusion of loan agreements using electronic banking services (or other means of payment within the meaning of the August 19, 2011 Law on Payment Services, such as mobile applications), defined As “on-click” credits or loans – stated.

“The customer is obligated to pay the debt”

It was pointed out that, in the opinion of the Advocate, the relevant claims referred to in the orders should be categorized as cases of special customer suffering. It may have a negative impact not only on the current financial position of a particular client, but also lead to other repercussions, including financial exclusion (if liability cannot be repaid) or a deterioration in the position of potential heirs.

It should be noted that the actions of the defender so far in the issues discussed allow to adopt a general conclusion according to which financial market entities, including primarily banks, usually do not recognize customer claims as justified.

In practical terms, this means that the customer is obligated to repay the debt arising from the credit obligation, which – in his opinion – he did not enter into (that is, a declaration of will to conclude a loan or loan agreement, as the customer claims, was actually done by fraudsters or the customer who did It is unconsciously, against his will, as a result of fraudulent actions of third parties) ”- he explained.

As indicated, as a result, the financial Ombudsman asked banks (payment service providers) to provide information on the indicated issues, the analysis of which may be important from the point of view of additional actions that the financial Ombudsman can take aimed at protecting clients of financial market entities .

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