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8th grade exam

Class 8 examination 2022 begins on May 24th. Have CKE papers leaked? Information about exam paper leaks and topic leaks is flooding the web. But be careful. We explain whether it is possible that CKE papers may have been leaked prior to the exam.

Class 8 Exam 2022. CKE Papers Leaked?

Starts on Tuesday 24 May Three days exam for class 8 2022. It will be joined by more than half a million students from the eighth grade. First, students will write Polish language exam. On the second day, Wednesday, May 25, there will be a math exam, and on Thursday, May 26, eighth graders will take a modern foreign language exam. 97.5 percent of students declared English, 2.2 percent of students – German, and a total of 0.3 percent will take the exam in other foreign languages ​​(French, Spanish, Russian and Italian). Eighth grade students.

The eighth grade exam is compulsory, but you cannot fail it. Each student will pass it as soon as it enters it. However, this does not mean that eighth graders are not nervous. On the contrary, how do they go The exam largely depends on which high school they go to next.

CKE Leaked Papers for Class 8 Exam?

So everyone wants to give their best. Students repeat the material until the last minute, and also search the web for possible leaks of CKE papers. Especially since the Internet is teeming with information about the leakage of papers. Be warned, these are usually attempts at cheating, and they can only make a fuss.

You will only see the real exam papers when you prepare for the exam.

However, if there are paper leaks, which is a crime, students can rewrite the exam.

Before the exam for the eighth grade in Szczecin

Leaked topics from the eighth grade exam

You can also often find information on topic leaks, most often from the Polish language. Because this is the test that students will be the first to take. Remember, you have to be very careful about them and definitely not pay anyone or click on suspicious links.


What are the subjects you most afraid of in the eighth grade exam?

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