Clarify the future of David Konaki?  Football "Resurrection"

At the beginning of February this year, David Konaki Adel Why Poznan For a six-month loan. The purpose of this step was primarily to recognize regularity after seriousness infection The knee he suffered in September last year. After a long time without playing, the striker couldn’t count on a normal match Fortuna Dusseldorf.

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“Resurrection” by David Konaki

Despite the Polish champions’ desire to keep Konaki, the German club decided to give him another chance and keep him at home. So far it turned out to be a good decision. Daily newspaper “Bild” devoted a large text to the Polish describing his “resurrection” after his return to Düsseldorf. “David Konaki He is the winner of Fortuna’s pre-season. The pole suddenly began to flourish, although the club authorities had hoped to sell it until it started Train. And the fact that it didn’t happen may be a lucky break for the club.”

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Kownacki showed very good form in the preparatory sparring. He was directly involved in five goals in those matches – he scored two goals and made another three. Most importantly, there is nothing else Footballer He was not as important to his team as Konaki.

Pole wants to stay in Fortuna Dusseldorf

Fitness Trainer Fortuny Duesseldorf Daniel Thioune believes Kownacki will score a good season. – It is important that every player is 100% ready. From day one, I’ve seen such advantages in Kownacki. He has shown that he is in very good shape now and that he is giving a lot on the pitch – he said. According to “Bilda,” Kownacki himself is excited to start the season in Fortuna. The Pole is happy and ready to start a “new chapter” of his career at this club. Although now Transfer He is not completely ruled out, the authorities are determined to stop him.

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David Konaki He joined Fortuna Duesseldorf on loan from Sampdoria in January 2019, and a year later he moved to that team on a regular basis. Transfer Final with a record amount of 7.5 million for the German club euro. However, his balance sheet so far has not fallen – he played 66 matches, in which he scored 12 goals and scored seven assists.

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