Church burning for Jean-Pierre Ferland: Quebec public bids farewell to its little king

There were bursts of moving yellow in a crowd of fans attending a funeral for Jean-Pierre Ferland on Friday at the Maisonneuve theater on the Place des Arts. Touch of Sunshine recalled both the legendary album and the joy the singer brought to the people of Quebec.

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Tall bouquets of yellow flowers (her friends Celine Dion, Luc Plamonton, Dominique Michel), her guitar, medals, gold records, Felix, albums and a picture of her famous 1970 album Yellow Casket: A View of Memories by singer Jean-Pierre Ferland, who died on April 27 It was enough to thrill the hearts of the hundred or so fans who came to celebrate life.

Often from 50 to 90 years old, the lovers of the artist met Newspaper All said they were sad but calm and happy to be able to pay their last respects to their idol.

Respect to dear artists

Louis Theberge was first in line for this radical church open to the public. The 67-year-old retiree, who arrived in Montreal the day before from La Pocatière, didn’t hesitate to drive four hours to say goodbye to his favorite singer. Dressed in yellow, she held flowers for the artist’s wife, Julie Anne Saumer.

“I saw what was called his last show at the Bell Center. I had a ticket in the front row, in the center, and I had Jean-Pierre Ferland all to myself. When you love someone and follow their life, why not pay that respect? We might not all be there tomorrow. ,” he said.

And Jacqueline Pelletier, who lives in a village near Saint-Norbert, where Jean-Pierre Ferland lived, whispered: “He is part of us. Our elders are leaving. The road to Saint-Norbert was tragic.


Friends for 40 years, Maries Lavallée and Pierrette Guelino, wanted to come from Montreal to congratulate their favorite singer. “We went to all the rallies. He has been a part of our lives for a long time. What a great gift from Him! ” was first launched. “I’m full of him. It’s a great loss,” added the second, moving on.

For the couple, made up of 62-year-old Claude Poulin and Josie Saint-Germain from Montreal, it was natural to experience this extreme chapel dedicated to the singer. “There was a period in my life when things were low and Jean-Pierre Ferland, I was listening to him all the time. It made me feel better,” he said.

“He was a great man, one of our last great characters. He was generous, he was a beautiful man,” his wife said.

Lots of love from the audience

The public, invited to the lively church from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., was able to mourn Jean-Pierre Ferland’s partner, Julie Anne Saumur, the singer’s children, Julie and Bruno Ferland – brother and sister. And to the singer-songwriter’s loved ones.

Director and producer Pierre Séguin (who directs the national funeral tomorrow Saturday) proudly wore a yellow tie signed by his best friend when he gave his “Farewell Show” at the Bell Center in January 2007.

Director and Director Pierre Séguin


“I am amazed and touched by all the love and people who have come. People who tell me about their lives, tell me about their grief, people cry and share all their emotions with me. They are extraordinary fans,” he said magazine The singer’s wife for the past 16 years is Julie Anne SaumurWe have a chance A you little king.

– In collaboration with Félix Desjardins.

– Jean-Pierre Ferland’s national funeral will take place tomorrow, Saturday 1There is June at the Cathedral Basilica of Marie-Reine-du-Mont in Montreal.

– Special coverage will air Saturday mornings at 10 a.m., on LCN and TVA.

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