June 9, 2023


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Christine Morency gets her chocolate copy and her reaction is hilarious

Christine Morenci received a surprise from her colleague Pierre Hébert at noon on Tuesday.

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As part of their radio show Full afternoonto do RedPierre Hebert decided to surprise his colleague with a very… special Easter chocolate!

Screenshot via Instagram.

On Tuesday morning, the platinum ticket holder sold out no fewer than 100,000 tickets for her first one-woman show. mercyCertainly not expecting to receive a chocolate replica of his carbon copy on the same day.

Screenshot via Instagram.

It’s actually a sweeter version of Christine Morency, a five-foot-five-inch comedian who created a truly comedic moment in the studio.

Screenshot via Instagram.

Needless to say, the show’s co-host reacted as only Christine Morency could.

Screenshot via Instagram.

Created by Chocolatier Veronique Rousseau From Véronique RousseauThis 100 kg “almost full” chocolate is the subject of a competition and it is a Quebec company that will have the pleasure of tasting this work of art with the absolutely winning image of Christine Morency in an Easter bunny costume.

Screenshot via Instagram.

Watch the hilarious segment below:

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