Chris Hemsworth wants to change the tone in Thor 5. Fans choose the best version of the hero

newly Chris Hemsworth He gave an interview to Al Bawaba Vanity Fair. During the conversation with him, the topic of Thor, among other things, was raised. the actor he suggested Then that superhero has to get another movie where he dies. On Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, the God of Thunder theme (trans screen rant).

During discussions with Horowitz, Hemsworth stated that the Thor films, in addition to the character, needed to be drastically changed And take a whole new direction:

You are looking at the first two parts ox And you see, they were the same. The same situation occurred in the case Ragnarok And the love and thunder. I think it’s all about reinventing the theme. in War without borders And the game over I had a unique opportunity to make drastic changes to my personality. And she loved it so much, it kept fans guessing. It keeps me in suspense, and turns me on.

I’ve talked about this before, but if we get used to something, there’s a risk of getting lazy because I know everything I have to do. I don’t know if I’ll ever be invited again, but if I am, I feel like the new tone of the movie has to be completely different for the sake of my sanity. Thor went mad in the last movie. That should bring it all together.

The Marvel fandom immediately took note of the words of the actor who plays Thor and gave his opinion. A very large part of the fans would like the return of the superhero from Avengers: Infinity WarsConsidering this version of God of Thunder is the best:

I order Thor Infinite wars Or something more serious. I swear this is a great opportunity to do something amazing – king z.

In this movie, Thor has reached his peak. I dream of seeing Thor again Infinite wars. The man was a real beast – JY 18.

I vote for Thor War without borders For the character and the movie itself – lok.

Give. ox. fight. with mangog. May all gods. They fight. with mangog. an act War without bordersBut with all the gods of the MCU, that would be awesome. Plus, it’s a great way to kill Thor and introduce Beta Ray Bill. She will sacrifice her life to stop Mangog, just like Jane Foster did in the comics MT.

ox costume Infinite wars He is the perfect Thor. Funny, but the humor was situational and natural – Meanwhile pod.

The fandom seems to be unanimous on this point. It remains to wait for the decision of Marvel Studios, which currently has a really busy schedule, and Chris Hemsworth himself, whose word on this matter will also be very important.

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