Chmara (2020) – Film review and opinions [Netflix].

How can a movie about killer insects drinking blood be so cosmically boring? It could have been a quirky horror movie, a totally horrific movie, but no, director Just Philippot decided to make a bizarre drama about a woman who becomes strangely obsessed with her bugs.

Chmara (2020) – Movie Review [Netflix]. Single mother drama

Virginia Hebrard (Solian Abraham) is a single mother raising a daughter and a son. In order to make ends meet, she discovers that she will set up a locust farm, which will then make flour to feed the animals. The business isn’t going well, so she’ll probably have to sell the house and start over somewhere else. Her teenage daughter (Mary Narbonne) is so happy, and she hates this place, her school, and the people who go to her. Everything changes when Virginie, in a fit of rage, begins to destroy the farm, hitting her head and losing consciousness. The released worms sit on her and begin to drink blood from the wound on her arm. Soon it turned out that blood-soaked insects grow larger and are more likely to lay eggs. However, Virginie decided to stay there and, after some time, expanded her breeding farm. The problem is that her locust has become so addicted to blood that it has become dangerous to health, and perhaps even the lives of humans and animals. Will Virginie notice in time that she is playing a risky game?

The concept of the movie itself is interesting, and you can do some really cool, or at least wacky, things with it. Perhaps, for example, the main character could start killing people to feed her pets. Will it be a good movie? Probably not, but at least fun. This horror in the mists of absurdity. Meanwhile, “Chmara” is just a very slow and predictable drama. Virginie is friends with her neighbor Karim (Soufiane Khamisas) but she doesn’t want to be with him. Her daughter, Laura, quarrels at school. The mother neglects her children because she is immersed in work. On the one hand, a classic drama that is so boring, on the other hand, locusts who eat dogs. They don’t stick together well. The viewer waits for the proverbial nonsense to hit the proverbial windmill, and the movie goes on and on. We literally got quite a bit of action in the last ten minutes of the movie. And it’s not even a good stock class.

Chmara (2020) – Movie Review [Netflix]. weak text

I don’t know what the idea behind the “Shamara” screenplay is, Jerome Genivry and Frank Victor. Whether they excelled in the art of cinema or horror or what. However, I can definitely say that whatever it was, it didn’t work out. The movie does not work at any level. It is impossible to understand the obsession of the main character, the characters make completely foolish decisions, only to push the plot further, and some scenes can be completely cut out and will not change anything. As if that weren’t enough, the film’s ending is so abrupt and sweet that it confirms the viewer’s belief that he just wasted 100 minutes of his precious life.

Whatever the quality of the story, we have to admit to the creators that they at least tried to make the movie look beautiful. Warm lighting makes the shots pleasant, and the close-up shots, whether of locusts or, for example, of the wound of the main character, which insects are used to eating, are disgusting and interesting at the same time. But what if the pros to list are basically everything? Nice wound, properly inflated egg. And nothing else.

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