Chinese materials at work. Its creators have pushed boundaries that seemed impossible!

Very good, because we are talking about a light reflection coefficient of 104%. The phenomenon of photoluminescence plays a major role in the achieved result. Thanks to it, electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by atoms, molecules or solid objects. Chinese engineers presented the details of this futuristic concept on the pages Sciences.

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The question arises: how can these materials be used? Their creators give an example of creating cooling surfaces. Let’s imagine a scenario in which we cool a building by covering its walls or ceiling with such an aerogel. Thanks to the high light reflectance factor, the temperature inside will be much lower than outside.

In addition to its impressive performance in this regard, the Chinese material has several other advantages. Its strengths include the ability to provide radiative cooling and biodegradability. According to members of the research team, the 104% reversion rate is due to the network consisting of gelatin and DNA. This makes it possible to combine chromophores and inhibit what engineers call Non-radiative jumps of the systemIn practice, this means using a multi-layer structure and the phenomenon of photoluminescence.

It is a gel material designed by Chinese scientists that achieves an efficiency of up to 104% in reflecting sunlight.

Due to its environmentally friendly composition, this aerogel not only has biodegradable properties. In addition, there are wide possibilities for reuse thanks to recycling. When it came to testing, scientists showed that the Chinese material could help reduce temperatures by up to 16 degrees Celsius. This result was obtained in strong sunlight.

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Radiative cooling, for which this material could be used, should translate not only into high efficiency in terms of reducing temperature. Add to that the beneficial effect of reducing energy consumption that could otherwise be used, for example, to operate air conditioning systems. In an ever-heating world focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such progress could be worth its weight in gold.

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