China leading the technological race?  The United States is lagging behind

The latest report from the Australian think tank, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, shows that China has a strong advantage over the United States when it comes to developing technologies that could be crucial in the coming years.

According to analysts, The Chinese have an advantage in as many as 37 out of 44 solutions that will drive the development of the whole world in the coming years. We are mainly talking here about advanced materials, production processes, communications, artificial intelligence, energy, biotechnology, and navigation.

A very problematic issue when it comes to the American view is the fact that China is also much better at developing new technologies in the defense and space sector. This includes, for example, around advanced rocket engines, drones or robots.

The authors of the report point out that in the case of some technologies, there are ten leading enterprises in the development of a particular category in China. The Chinese are also investing heavily in importing university-trained talent, for example in Canada, the United States, Great Britain and New Zealand.

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