The Chinese are in the process of refining a space nuclear reactor. Information about him appeared in November last year.

about a year ago South China Morning Newspaper Provided information according to which the design of the prototype was to be completed. Its main ingredients were also available. It is now known that the reactor has undergone a comprehensive efficiency evaluation by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

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Unfortunately, the technical specifications of the device are still a mystery. But what do we know about him? Behind the project are scientists on loan from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The reactor created with their participation can generate one megawatt of electricity and is much more powerful than what the Americans would like to put on the moon by 2030. In practice, this efficiency means the possibility of operating 10 international space stations.

It is claimed that China’s nuclear space reactor can operate 10 international space stations

The origins of the entire project go back to at least 2019, when Chinese space research official Wu Weiren, director of the newly established Deep Space Research Laboratory, called for the development of nuclear power for this type of mission. Initial plans are presented in the pages Scientia Seneca Technologies It is similar to what was used, for example, in the Voyager 2 probe, which was powered by nuclear fission. Another example is the Chang’e 3 lunar lander, which used a plutonium-powered nuclear generator to survive a lunar night for two weeks.

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Strategic competitors, including China, are investing aggressively in a wide range of space technologies, including nuclear power and propulsion. The United States must move quickly to remain competitive and remain a leader in the global space community. Bhavya Lal, Senior Financial and Financial Adviser at NASA, said:

A report by representatives of several US institutions was also recently published. Its authors emphasized the importance of investing more, inter alia, in the space industry and abandoning unnecessary regulations that stand in the way of progress. Otherwise, China can assume the role of a world leader in this regard.

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