China collected samples from the dark side of the moon.  Now they will send them to Earth

The collected samples were placed in lunar orbit on the night of June 3-4 (Polish time). It is housed in a special capsule that will fly towards Earth and then be returned to the surface. Landing It is scheduled for June 25.

This is a historic mission because no country has ever brought lunar regolith to Earth from the far side of the silver globe. China already has and has acquired experience in exploring this part of our planet’s natural satellite As part of the Chang’e 4 mission A few years ago. This was the first time a landing occurred on the dark side of the moon.

The Chinese are not slowing down and are showing increasing interest in exploring the moon. The Middle Kingdom is already planning two more projects with names Chang’e 7 and 8.

As part of the Chang’e 7 mission, China wants to explore the lunar south pole in more detail. This place was chosen for a reason, because scientists say that there must be very large ice deposits in this area. A probe scheduled to be sent to the region in 2026 will search for them.

After two years, Chang’e 8 will be conducted and the purpose will be to verify the possibilities of using the resources that will be found during the previous mission. This is very important regarding the possibility of building a research station on the Moon. People there will need water and oxygen. China plans to build it in cooperation with Russia, but this will not happen soon. We expect that the facility will not be built before the next decade, because it is a very complex task and must be preceded by an appropriate research program.

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