Children should go back to school on the 1st of September

My opinion of full-time teaching in schools has not changed. It is essential for children’s development, so they should go back to school on the 1st of September. In the vast majority of cases, children become infected COVID-19 In moderation, so there are no health risks here. The losses to young people due to the lack of classical education are enormous, so the decision in this particular case seems simple. Of course – teachers and school staff, as knowledgeable people, should be vaccinated, – the professor emphasized. Doctor Hebb. n. med. Magdalena Marczyńska of Warsaw Medical University, which advises the government on the activities of the Medical Council.

She added that the situation is somewhat different with the students.

– In my opinion, those should be vaccinated, just like the faculty. Let us remember that a large number of lecturers at universities and technical institutes are people over 60, and certainly 55 years old. Therefore, young people – students – cannot expect these people to put their health at risk. Both – as conscious citizens, who, for example because of their education, we need more – should be vaccinated – have an expert assessment of childhood infectious diseases.

Student vaccinations

She noted that such regulations were introduced by medical universities. – In order for students to be able to contact patients, who often suffer from immunodeficiency, it is indispensable to vaccinate them – said the professor. Marczyńska.

She admitted that if it was only up to her, schools and universities should introduce mandatory vaccination for staff.

– The basic minimum should be the protection of people from risk groups – over 55-60 years old. However, the administrative obligation of the students, in my opinion, will have the opposite effect, which is why it is important to convince these people individually. This week, I encouraged four reluctant people to get vaccinated. Primary care physicians should be involved as much as possible, and the effects of this procedure will be visible – added a member of the medical board.

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