Chic mom Angelina Jolie shopping spree with cute porter knockers

We’re more used to finding her on a shopping spree with her daughters Zahara (17), Shiloh (16) or Vivienne (14)… On Monday, August 15, Angelina Jolie Spotted en route to Kelson’s supermarket in Los Angeles. He went on a trip with his youngest son Knox, 14, Vivienne’s twin.

Instead of wearing a casual sports outfit, Angelina Jolie wears a cute, off-white dress as she goes shopping. A “loose” brown dress worn under the arm, a pair of Valentino mules and a summer piece with a designer shoulder: this is the “30 Montaigne” model from the house of Dior, color “late”, which fans can also do. Give if they have 3100 euros set aside.

What is after this ad?

Appearances of the actress surrounded by her tribe are becoming increasingly rare, and for good reason: One by one, her children are leaving Los Angeles to study. After Maddox, 20, visited South Korea last year, Zahara is newly admitted to a prestigious university in Atlanta Georgia.

What is after this ad?

Since his messy divorce with Angelina Jolie was announced in 2019, her father Brad Pitt has also been following in many of the footsteps. He said how proud he is of his daughter Shiloh, who is a talented dancer .

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